H-Mart Finally Open in Central Square

After 2 years of waiting, Cambridge residents finally have an Asian grocery complete with a food court serving ramen, sushi, and curries. There's also a coffee and pastry shop and plenty of seating to hang out. I arrived around 6pm—what must have been the absolute peak for opening day, and it was completely packed. A quick pass around the clean, well-lit space showed great promise: a huge section of Kimchi and pickles, aisles and aisles of sauces and ingredients I will go back to check out after the opening day crowds subside a bit.

This is the old location of the Harvest Co-op, which has been around for at least 20 years and relocated to a smaller space across Mass Ave in the summer of 2012. Like the Harvest Co-op's Clear Conscience Cafe before it, H-Mart utilizes the space closest to Mass Ave as a retail food and cafe area, with a large grocery in the rear. There was a long line for sushi and curry just after 6pm, and signs were posted indicating that they had already run out of ramen for the day!

H-Mart is a national chain of Korean grocery stores, many outlets featuring food stalls. The Burlington, MA is well known among my food nerd friends. Judging from the large crowd of young Asians, this new H-Mart has a large market in Cambridge, and is off to a great start.