• Vegetarian Dish
  • Price: $9
  • Service: lunch, dinner

A variant of the masala dosa with coconut and onion chutneys plus Southern Indian spices.

Dosa is a hugely popular street food dish from South India consisting of a crepe of lightly fermented rice and lentil batter. Dosa are typically served fresh from the tava (griddle), rolled around a hearty filling of typically cooked potato or meat, with a dish of sambar and several chutneys for dipping.

Dosa are great fun to eat: tear off pieces of the dosa by hand, taking small portions of the filling. Dip these in the sambar or a little chutney and pop them in your mouth. With the huge varieties of fillings and chutneys, one could spend a lifetime eating dosa—truly a world-class street food.

  • Hybernaut
  • April 24, 2014 03:11
  • updated April 24, 2014 03:49