Mei Mei brings a unique and creative mix of Asian-American food to the streets of Boston. Founded by the trio of Brookline-native Li siblings in 2012, Mei Mei focuses on a hearty, often meaty cuisine with fresh, local ingredients.

The Mei Mei menu centers around The Double Awesome, their signature sandwich on scallion pancake. The base Double Awesome is local cheddar and pesto with poached-then-fried eggs, and variations are usually available with house-roasted beef and pastrami for carnivores.

After a successful year on the street, the trio raised money to open a brick and mortar restaurant. Located in the Audubon Circle neighborhood just a few blocks West of Kenmore Square, the 36-seat restaurant serves an expanded lunch menu. The restaurant's dinner menu is surprisingly different from what we're used to on the truck, ranging from Trotters and Waffles (a cake made from pigs' feet on a brioche waffle with pickled vegetables) to an intensely flavorful take on Biang-Biang noodles with beef.

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Lunch & Dinner Dishes

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