• Vegetarian Dish
  • Price: $4
  • Service: lunch, dinner, special_hours

This collaboration with Somerville's Slumbrew brewery is made from local sweet potatoes, sliced the long way (because Mei Mei never does anything the easy way). They're massaged and bathed in a batter made from Slumbrew Happy Sol Blood Orange Hefeweizen, then fried to perfection. The long slice turns out to be brilliant, as it maximizes surface area, providing for a perfect ratio of batter to potato flavor.

This special dish is usually not available during weekday shifts on the truck. You'll have to travel to SoWa Market or catch Mei Mei at a special event on the weekends to catch these. But they're worth the trip.

  • Hybernaut
  • May 23, 2014 21:22
  • updated May 23, 2014 21:24