• Price: $7
  • Service: lunch, dinner

The Double Awesome is Mei Mei's signature sandwich, and one of the most unique dishes on the streets of Boston.

It starts with a scallion pancake and practically launches a unique subgenre of its own. The original Double Awesome combines green pesto and Vermont cheddar with two of Mei Mei's trademark poached-then-fried eggs. The combination is a gooey, delicious, handful of comfort.

Most people like to throw some sriracha ketchup on that baby, but that does not make it any easier to eat. This is a two-handed delight that's worth your careful attention.

Recently Mei Mei added an upgrade offer for the Double Awesome: add a couple slices of deli meat for $2. Typical choices include deli-style ham, bacon, roast beef, or some deep and delicious pastrami. None of these deli meats have ever seen a boar's head--they're all high quality meat from local farmers, butchered in house and roasted with care by the Mei Mei kitchen team.

  • Hybernaut
  • March 24, 2014 03:32
  • updated March 30, 2014 21:00