• Vegetarian Dish
  • Price: $7.50
  • Service: lunch, dinner

When Mei Mei first hit the street in 2012, their menu plan included a lot of dumplings. But hand rolling dumplings every night turned out to take up too much time for the tiny team. Now that Mei Mei have a bigger staff and a proper restaurant for their commissary, we can enjoy hand-rolled Mei Mei dumplings most days of the week!

These dumplings are stuffed with sweet potatoes, brown butter, sage, and feta cheese. They're steamed, then browned on the griddle to finish, then served with a scoop of sriracha rice and some house pickles.

The texture is wonderful, and the flavors are gently comforting—perfect to chase the chill away on a rainy Spring or Fall day. Recommended toppings include soy vinegar, spicy ketchup, or Sriracha.